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Text to speech software. Reads text aloud to the user.

Reading does not have to be a struggle for dyslectics

Dyslectics often read slow, aproximatly 50-100 words per minute. Commen for dyslectics is also that all their effort goes into decoding the letters and words and thereby gets tired and have little resources left for understanding and memorizing the content. 

Listening to radio, a audio book or someone talking is usually a good way to get information for them. Human speech is usually around 100 words per minute and can be listened to for 2 hours (a movie or a audio book)  by most people.   

With TorTalk text can be listened to at any speed you like, usually normal talking speed is prefered and soon the user will increase the speed to what ever suits their mind and the text being read. Already when start of use the reading speed is 100 words per minute or more and soon increase, but more important less effort needed at a higher comprehension of the content.  

TorTalk can be used along side NFB training and educational reading training programs. It's a good idea to let the person use TorTalk i order to free time, energy and mental resources for getting better result from NFB and other interventions. While listening to text the default node network decrease in activity and the attention network activates. For many dyslectics when reading with their eyes their inner voice is very active and that could be DMN being over active (this needs to be studied more). 

TorTalk was developed by Tor who wanted at program a that could read all text the most convenient way. User friendly design and competent enough to read anything on the screen, even picture of text. Before TorTalk it was a lot of work to read text that was not first transformed into electronic text. With TorTalk it's just one click away. 

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